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We have lots of information on crib mattresses, and this is the best one available. chemical free crib mattress can be ordered with virgin wool wrap.
Toppers give an extra dimention to a platform bed, but still provide a firmer sleeping experience
These 100% wool pads protect the mattress and wick any moisture away from baby!

US grown 100% Organic certified tightly woven wool.
This organic wool is naturally water repellent and
makes a great puddle pad for your little ones.
Chemical free and supremely comfortable. Often used
as a blanket. Made by hand at White Lotus Home in the
Learn more about wool at:

Care instructions for Puddle Pads
-Machine wash in cold water, gently cycle, line dry or
lay flat. Do not machine dry.
White Lotus crib mattresses are made differently than
any other crib you can buy. We have worked for years
on making a product that is both safe and natural for
your baby.  This is the only Baby Crib mattress we offer.
To see why it is unique and the best for you baby click
on the link below to see details:
Crib Mattress details
To protect the Crib Mattress from any 'unwanted
moisture' we Highly recommend these 100% Wool
'Puddle Pads' That will protect your mattress and
keep baby comfortable!  
They have the same
properties that make wool sweaters and socks so
comfortable, wet or dry!
CRIB MATTRESS (28"x54"x 3.5). Intentionally
designed 2 inches larger than a standard crib
for a tight fit!
Nothing is more natural and comfortable than 100% Certified organic cotton!
Ivory                 Green Tea         Mustard                  Grey             Dusty Aqua         Dusty Rose         White
100% Organic Cotton Blanket
•        Our new Basket Weave Blanket by Coyuchi layers
naturally, adding just the right amount of warmth and
•        Jacquard woven of pure organic cotton, it's weighty,
comforting and completely machine washable.
•         It comes in four sizes and a slew of colors, each
neatly bound in percale that is dyed to match
This wool Topper's outer layer is made from 100% Organic Cotton Sateen
A White Lotus Home topper is made to lie under your fitted sheet, it can be
used on top of any mattress and to replace a pillow top. This comfy
addition to your nest is 1 1/2 inch thick made up of 3 layers of fluffy wool
inside a 100% cotton case. It is also available in double the thickness.
Wonderfully easy to air out and better than a feather bed any day...or
Wool is a natural temperature regulator fiber with the ability to wick away
moisture from the body and especially the head, where large quantities of
moisture are produced, even when you are asleep. Wool is a wonderful
insulator, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter without
overheating. Another great property of wool is that it is naturally resistant
to fire, mold, mildew, and dust mites. Because of all their amazing
properties, we believe wool pillows to be far superior to down or any
synthetic fiber.
Only the best for Baby! This is the only Crib mattress we offer read more to see why!
Baby products at the
bottom of this page!
PLEASE READ: We have included a link with more
information provided by the owners of White Lotus.
While you may not agree with all their conclusions,
There is no way to question their devotion to
providing the safest sleep system for your baby!
Letter from White Lotus to Mothering Magazine about crib safety:
Click here for letter PDF
There is a great deal of information available on crib safety, SIDS, Autism, and baby allergies, PLEASE do your
own research.  WE only offer this Crib mattress system because we think it is the safest choice for your Baby.
Part 1: Green Cotton Boulder Stow Mattress (For base)

•A 3” version of our Boulder Green Cotton Mattress.
•Made of 100% Green Cotton.
•It contains about 15% more cotton and twice as many tufts than
our standard Green Cotton Mattress.
•This base is the firmest mattress style we make. The surface is
flat, firm, and very supportive.
•The Boudler Cotton is hand made in the same style as the firm
mattresses that have been made for centuries in India and Japan.

Part 2: Natural Latex Talalay LOTUS Topper
•Made with a 2" Latex core wrapped in wool and encased in a
super soft organic cotton sateen casing.
•A responsive feel; relieves pressure points and contours to your
•A luxury Latex topper at an affordable price point.
Our 2 (or 3) Part sleep system, the best combination of a Soft natural topper and an extra firm
mattress. All parts can be combined with other mattresses to suit your individual needs!
Chemical free mattress made standard or 'bolder firm' can be combined with a softer Duvet or topper
Talalay Latex is plant based, also Evergreen Foam, Kapok, Buchwheat hulls, and virgin wool products are available
Recommended Product: Organic Mattress Pad

•70% of our customers buy an Organic Mattress Pad when purchasing
a new mattress. Why? Because an Organic Mattress Pad protects a
mattress from moisture and stains, in addition to being washable,
which helps in the fight against problematic bed-bugs. All of these
benefits work together to increase the life of your natural mattress. It's
like buying full-coverage insurance for your new mattress.
Check out the new 100% Organic
Mattress Pads!
100% Organic Cotton ( also in Green
Finished with two-inch quilted squares
Accommodates mattresses up to 15"
in depth.
Top is a white sateen with white
percale underside.
We are still adding products,
so check back, or stop in to
our store for more details!
Organic bedding, blankets, pillows, kapok, buckwheat hulls,wool, organic cotton Baby crib mattress
Our chemical free mattresses, including crib mattresses are hand made in the US
The EarthWorks store located inside the Futon Factory is dedicated to promoting US
made Organic, natural and recycled products. We also offer Natural and fair
traded products from other countries.  The Futon Factory has always been as earth
friendly as is possible in a retail environment buying products close to home to
reduce shipping. Our Hardwood products are nearly all Plantation hardwoods like
the rubber tree that grow quickly and are very durable
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