ULTRA WLH ORGANIC (or Green natural cotton) MATTRESS             

(Available with or without Boric powder flame retardant)
Firm and supportive 100% Certified organic cotton (or Green natural.  All Chemical
free and hand crafted.
Recommended for Platform Beds, Box springs, or bifold and trifold futon frames.  
No flame retardant will require doctors prescription before ordering.
ORGANIC COTTON (or Green Natural Cotton) + FOAM MATTRESS             

(Available with or without Boric powder flame retardant)
Made with 100% Certified organic cotton with a 2 inch layer of high Density Ultra cell
foam, adding resiliency and shape.  Ultra cell is water based and does not give off
gas. Works great as a futon because it will sit up straight, fold well in the middle and
keep a straight line along the edge. Softer and more responsive that the all cotton
mattress.  Recommended for platform beds, box springs, and bifold and trifold futon
frames.   No flame retardant will need a doctors prescription before ordering.
ORGANIC COTTON (or Green Natural Cotton) + LATEX Mattress

(no flame retardant)
The core of this Organic cotton mattress is a 3" piece of natural Talalay Latex. It is
also less firm than the all cotton mattress providing a responsive and supportive
feel.  It is good for all bed applications.  With no fire retardant you will need a doctor's
prescription to order.
Details on Borate powder
Due to a federal law, FR1633 which was effective July, 1, 2007, all mattress manufacturers use a flame retardant (FR) to pass these laws. This latest
FR law helps increase escape time for victims trapped in a fire which should save hundreds of lives. If you find others claiming that they make 100%
organic or 100% natural mattresses with out the use of an FR, please request details of how they are meeting the new FR1633 law.
About Boric Powder: Cotton treated with boric powder assist in passing the Federal Flammability Laws. A study, done by Intertox, Inc. of Seattle, WA,
presents conclusive proof that boric acid, under the specific trade name Boron#10(TM), which is sodium polyborate, is not toxic. The report states,
"Four of the six studies reviewed indicate no observed adverse hetitleh effects from exposure of the test animals to the Boron#10 added to cotton
batting." Richard Pleus, the author of the report also stated that in an oral toxicity study a benchmark toxicity measure, LD50, for the product Boron#10
was successfully established.

The LD50, defined as the dose of a compound that would be lethal for 50% of a group of test animals, was extrapolated to be 3,339 mg/kg, a number
similar to the toxicity of table stitle." This report, A Review of General Acute Toxicity Studies of Boron#10 in Cotton-Based Batting Product, is available
by sending a letter of request and a 9" x 12" SASE to: Mr. Jim Blasius, Incide Technologies, Inc., 50 N 41st Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85009.-Editor
Details on Natural Green cotton and 100% Certified Organic
cotton Mattresses, combined with Foam or Latex materials. These
must be treated with Borate powder, or can be made only with a
doctor's prescription. Details on Borate Fire Retardant at the
bottom of the page.
The Talalay method produces the finest latex available. The Talalay process steps:

1.Liquid rubber whipped into a foam and poured into a mold.
2.When closed the mold has rods that go through the foamed rubber.
3.A vacuum is placed on the mold, which removes air bubbles/pockets and distributes the liquid rubber evenly through the mold.
4.CO2 is run through the rods, freezing the foamed rubber and locking in the consistency.
5.Heat sent through the rods, providing even temperature and yielding a consistent latex cores without air pockets or uneven firmness.
6.Unlike some competing products, our Talalay products contain no fillers or extenders. Only the components needed to convert the
material from a liquid to a solid that lasts are added: soap, ammonia, zinc oxide and sulfur. The ammonia evaporates and the soap and
zinc oxide are washed out. The sulfur is needed to cure the product so that it bounces back after you sleep on it.
About Ultracel Foam: At White Lotus Home, we strive to achieve two major goals. One is friendliness to the Earth and its
inhabitants and the other is quality. We found a type of foam that helps us to achieve both - Ultracel. We are the only mattresses
makers that use this type of foam and if you do some research you will see why. Read more information about Ultracel Foam.  
Ultracell Foam
100% Organic Cotton is certified US Grown and great for making pillows, duvets, cushions, and mattresses.

Not only is our Organic Cotton comfortable, but socially responsible as well. 100% Organic cotton is the fill to use when you are looking to
make the most natural bedding you can imagine. Organic cotton makes firm pillows that work great in conjunction with other pillows. This
organic cotton is soft to the touch and great to snuggle up to. It produces no off-gassing, like petroleum based synthetics, so it is great for
those with chemical sensitivities or allergies. Make more than your bedding with organic cotton, make a political statement: support
Organic farming and save the earth while you sleep!

Green US grown Cotton without Fire Retardant: The cotton we use to make our standard mattresses is known as "green" cotton. This
means that once it is harvested from the bolls it is unprocessed - no bleaches, dyes or fungicides. This cotton makes good pillows and
mattresses. We have good wholesale cotton prices. Our green cotton comes in layers cut to size of crib, twin, double/full, queen or king
mattresses. We also have smaller pieces good for making pillows and cushions. Samples available.

Green cotton comes from conventionally grown U.S. cotton that is not bleached or processed. The textile industry leaves some pieces of
the cotton fiber behind that cannot be used to make t-shirts, fabrics, etc. This leftover cotton fiber would have ended up in a landfill, until
some smart folks discovered that by garneting this extra cotton fiber, they would create cotton batting, which is now used in our
mattresses, pillows and other bedding. This is why we call it GREEN COTTON, it is an up-cycled fiber and this is something we can all feel
good about. In the 30-years of White Lotus Home’s existence, we have saved over 2 million pounds of cotton from ending up in a landfill.

The scent that you may experience is due to the fact that while the cotton is harvested, the cotton seeds are broken, therefore releasing
cotton seed oil scent, just like what happens with the popcorn seeds. This scent will dissipate with time. If you have ever been in the middle
of a cotton field, this scent may be familiar to you.