Futon Factory EarthWorks Natural and Organic mattresses
Special 'made to order' US grown 'Green' cotton
and 100% organic cotton mattresses. Click on
Mattress description to see details on materials.
Chemical free mattresses, Natural and Organic mattresses and bedding; Organic cotton, Hemp, Buckwheat, Kapok, Chemical free crib mattress.
Green 1- Standard

Green Cotton and/or 100% New
Zealand Wool and/or Ultracel
Foam. About green cotton: we
use to make our standard
mattresses is known as "green"
cotton. This means that once it is
harvested from the bolls it is
unprocessed - no bleaches, dyes or

A natural color fabric that is 65%
polyester and 35% cotton, made
in the USA.


Boric powder


layer also


Traditional Mattress

Over 100 different products,
most if not all full of toxics.
See list below...

Most ticking is made of
synthetic fibers like polyester
and acrylic. Some have coated
fiberglass, layers of polymeric
coating, containing an
effective amount of a
fungicide and/or bacteriocide.

Some offer 5, 10 and 15 years

Boric Acid, Formaldehyde,
Antimony Trioxide,
Decabromodiphenyl Oxide
(found in women's breast
milk) , Vinylidiene Chloride,
zinc Borate, Melamine and
much more…
Green 2- Non-borate

Non borate green cotton:  
means that once this cotton is
harvested it is unprocessed - no
bleaches, dyes or fungicides
and free of borate powders and
other FRs

100% natural cotton fabric
made in the USA.


Ultra- WHL100%
Organic Mattress

It is 100% Certified Organic
Cotton, free of FRs, comfortable
and socially responsible as well.
100% Organic cotton is the fill to
use when you are looking to make
the most natural bedding you can

100% natural color organic cotton
fabric made in the USA.


-ing process
In huge factories, most
overseas, that use lots of
energy and pollute our planet.
Handcrafted in the USA of
natural or organic materials. Each
piece is made entirely by hand, or
with the help of a sewing
machine, one at a time, to ensure
quality and the uniqueness since
Handcrafted like our standard
mattresses but we only make
these every 2 weeks. The room
has to be properly cleansed to
make sure that no other
particles are present when
making this mattress.   
Handcrafted like our standard
mattresses but we only make
these every 2 weeks. The room
has to be properly cleansed to
make sure that no other particles
are present when making this
We do offer 100% organic and chemical free green cotton mattresses (non-borate mattresses), but require a doctor’s note before we can have one
made for you.  We also offer green cotton mattresses (our biggest sellers) with OUT A NEED for a doctor’s note. They include mattresses
wrapped in New Zealand virgin wool (untreated) and Cotton treated with Boric Powder (see below). They can include a natural latex core or an
Ultra cell foam core (water based foam that doesn't give off any toxic gas).
Fire Retardant- Please read
Due to a federal law, FR1633 which was effective July, 1, 2007, all mattress manufacturers use a flame retardant (FR) to pass these laws. This
latest FR law help increase escape time for victims trapped in a fire which should save hundreds of lives. If you find others claiming that they
make 100% organic or 100% natural mattresses with out the use of an FR, please request details of how they are meeting the new FR1633 law.
About Boric Powder: Cotton treated with boric powder assist in passing the Federal Flammability Laws. A study, done by Intertox, Inc. of
Seattle, WA, presents conclusive proof that boric acid, under the specific trade name Boron#10(TM), which is sodium polyborate, is not toxic.
The report states, "Four of the six studies reviewed indicate no observed adverse heatlh effects from exposure of the test animals to the Boron#10
added to cotton batting." Richard Pleus, the author of the report also stated that in an oral toxicity study a benchmark toxicity measure, LD50,
for the product Boron#10 was successfully established.
Some machine-made mattresses actually blow cotton into a case instead of layering it so what you're buying is a big sack of air with some cotton.
After a few weeks the air will seep out and you'll be left with something resembling a big saltine cracker. Not so comfy.
Also, machine-made mattresses are often quilted with thick punctures through the cotton which tend to break up the bats. Our mattresses are
layered - one layer at a time - by hand. We hand-quilt our mattresses with a thin, sharp needle to ensure that the batting won't break, shift or
lump. There really is no finer mattress, hand made just for you, they are worth the wait.
ORGANIC COTTON (or Green Natural Cotton) + FOAM MATTRESS  
100% Organic or US grown Green Cotton with Ultra cell foam core.
ORGANIC COTTON (or Green Natural Cotton) + WOOL MATTRESS
The Virgin Wool is wrapped around the outside with Organic or US
green cotton core. This provides a softer feel,Warm in the Winter and
Cool in the summer.  Because wool is a natural fire retardant, these
mattresses DO NOT need a doctors prescription, and are not treated
with Boric powder.
ULTRA WLH ORGANIC (or Green natural cotton) MATTRESS  
 %100 Cotton available organic or natural US grown green cotton
ORGANIC COTTON (or Green Natural Cotton) + WOOL + FOAM
The Virgin Wool wrap is warm in Summer and Cool in winter, and
the Ultra cell foam core is resilient and comfortable. This mattress has
no fire retardant because of the wool wrap.
100% Organic or US Green Cotton with Tatalay Latex core.
Attention 'Extra firm' Mattress lovers! Cotton mattresses are available in 'Boulder
Firm' with 15% more cotton and twice as much tufting for the best firm mattress-
great for use in combination with the extra soft 'Toppers' offered on the next page!
ORGANIC COTTON (or Green Natural Cotton) + WOOL + LATEX
The Virgin Wool wrap is warm in the Winter and Cool in the
Summer, and The latex foam offers a more complex sleeping surface.
It has no artificial fire retardant.
Chemical free Mattresses made to order with Certified organic or Natural (US Grown) cotton.
Chemical free futon mattresses and Chemical free bed Mattresses can be made owith a wool wrap which is naturally flame resistant so no flame retardant is necessary.
A Natural or Organic chemical free mattress can be ordered without flame retardant with a doctor's prescription.
Stowaway mattresses are thinner and store easily (more like a traditional 'Eastern' futon.
Green (Natural) or Organic?
There is a great deal of information on pesticides
and cotton which can sound alarming.  Pesticides
and herbicides used to grow cotton
are poisonous.
However, most studies suggest that there is no
health risk from residual pesticides in harvested
cotton.  Also, many studies refer to pesticide use
world wide and not just in the U S.  The 'Green'
cotton used in these mattresses is harvested in
the U S, where cotton growth is regulated as a
food product, because many by-products like
cotton seed oil are eaten. Still, you can't argue
the fact that less pesticide use isn't better for the
environment, so buying organic cotton in a free
market encourages more organic cotton
production. Some links to more information below.
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See how these mattresses are different! Mattresses are available with your choice of Certified Organic
or U. S. grown 'Green' cotton, and with or without Boric powder fire retardant (see details below).
This natural cotton 'Stowaway' is
available in several sizes and is easy to
store. It's more like a traditional 'Eastern
Futon', maybe a little softer, and about
3-4 inches thick.
Contact: Reed at rburrer@aol.com
Please Contact us for details on pricing as there are so many different options.  
These mattresses are really made to order for you. Also, ask about our direct
ship program that can get your mattress to you sooner!
Or call Reed with questions 574-276-4131
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